Travel Tips Especially When You Travel On Indian Railway Trains

Indian Railway Trains
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India has a huge network of railways to help people travel from one part of the country to another. There are thousands of trains running from one destination to another and you can travel in comfort and convenience if you choose railways as a mode of transport during your travel in India. However, trains get overcrowded and you could face a lot of inconvenience if you do not have reserved tickets that have been confirmed in advance. This article contains some important travel tips for Indians who want to visit places of tourist attraction across the length and breadth of the country.

Confirmed tickets are a must

To cover the distance between two cities that are hundreds of kilometers apart, it is better to check trains that run during night so as to reach your destination in the morning. It also allows you to sleep at night on the birth inside the train so that you are fresh when you reach the destination. However, never make the mistake of boarding a train before you have booked your ticket in advance. You can book your ticket and confirm a birth for yourself much in advance. If your travel takes place during peak tourist season, you may not get a confirmed ticket. Id this is the case, you can check PNR stratus online if it has been confirmed or not.

Do not board a train without checking PNR status

Click here to know your PNR status. Do not board the train if you find that your ticket is still showing waiting status. This is because you are treated by the travelling ticket examiner as being without ticket if your booking has not been confirmed. He can ask you to get down from the train or impose a heavy penalty upon you. To save yourself from such inconvenience, it is advisable to travel by a train over a long distance only when your ticket has been confirmed. There is a status called RAC between confirmed ticket and waiting ticket. This is called reservation against cancellation. If your status is showing RAC, you can be assured of at least getting half a birth to reach your destination. Instead of getting a full birth to sleep comfortably, you have to share it with another passenger. But having an RAC ticket is certainly better than a general ticket or a waiting ticket as TTE will allow you to travel on the train. Check your PNR status online before reaching the station to catch the train if you do not want to face trouble inside the train.

check pnr status online

Indian railways provide the facility to book Tatkal tickets with confirmed reservation 24 hours before the journey date. If you need to go to a place in an emergency and you did not have time to book the ticket earlier, you can easily do so by booking Tatkal ticket to travel in comfort. If there are no births available, you can still book the ticket if you are getting RAC status as there are good chances of your ticket getting confirmed before travel.

Follow these travel tips on Indian railway trains to travel in comfort.

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