Set The Runway Ablaze With Gum Power

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Selling products is tough enough, but the consumers need something to be hooked to a particular brand. Different innovative and creative advertisements always make the cut. Make your product look great on commercials, and you’re good to go. Directors always try to up the ante by getting young hot sizzling models to do their TVCs. Glamour is a magnet, it catches your attention even on a busy street and you end thinking about that girl all day. The commercials use this mantra to pool in as many consumers as possible. With all the aggressive marketing around, brand loyalty is an old school phenomenon these days. Take deodorant commercials for example; they never talk about the smell but they always show you, girls getting to the guys who wears that perfume. Advertisements are made according to what people think and what they want to see. These points sum up to one dire requirement: models.

The modeling universe is ruled by an intense struggle to be numero uno. The number of aspirants is way greater than the requirement, so there are a lot of girls who never make it. There is no hit and trial way to get it right in the modeling world. All models get is one chance and they have to be better than the best at that. Now that is a lot to ask from a young girl who just arrived. They will obviously take time to pick up the tricks of the trade. Fortunately Bubblegum casting is an agency which is more than willing to do a crash course on everything you need to know to be a top model. So what does Bubblegum casting do exactly? It makes models out of ordinary girls willing to be one.

What does Bubblegum casting do to help girls realize their true potential?
Standing in a crowd is so easy, but what’s difficult is standing out in a crowd. Out there is a sea of faces and bodies to die for. The modeling line is overcrowded which very frequently spits out unneeded people. The challenge to look and be different (in a good way, not like Lady Gaga) is a tough nut to crack. The aspirants need to be savvy with various skills to be in the limelight. Here are a few Do’s:

• Be in proper shape all the time.
• Act if required.
• Think out of the box.
• Get their point across without being offensive.
These are merely a few things taught to models at Bubblegum, for free. Hard to believe, but there’s no catch here; it is actually free.

What is done after the models are trained?
The newly trained girls are now ready for their first photo shoots. All the girls at the agency are between the ages 18 and 22, so are the photographers. Models warm up to the photographers really fast and give out great pose for the clicks. Both the model and the photographer comfortable with each other at all times, that is a very important Bubblegum policy. The provision of video shoots is also included for the maximum chances of a model being selected by the clients. It is also an interesting way to captivate the imagination of the advertising experts who have to see the models before they could finalize anything.

The very first job that models may get after they are trained could very well let them make at least a descent $1,500. Yes, this is the minimum reward for their efforts and time put in for the hard work they have done. Many people may think that modeling is all about standing and posing in front of the camera.

Try holding the smile for 120 seconds in a statue like pose with very less blinking, while there are at least 5 high voltage bulbs illuminated in front for good lighting. That should answer how hard models work.

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