Need to Conserve Himalayan Bio-Diversity Stressed

Need to Conserve Himalayan Bio-Diversity Stressed
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Highlighting the need to conserve the Himalayas, noted environmentalist Vandana Shiva stated that these mountains were custodians to a large diversity, which would vanish unless reckless usage of natural resources was not curtailed. Delivering the keynote address she said that the greenhouse effect was adversely affecting the life cycle and giving rise to complicated medical problems.

Emphasizing on the direct relationship between producer and consumer Shiva said, bio-diversity conservation, promotion of organic agriculture, production and expansion of farmer’s rights and fair trade need to be ensured for having economically viable markets.Over exploiting nature has hit back with more severe droughts, devastating cloud bursts, shrinking glaciers and a change in the weather cycle, she mentioned.

Vice chancellor SK Gupta, speaking on the occasion said that environmental issues need to be balanced with the food needs of the nation to avert hunger by preparing a strategic plan for the country

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