Balasore – One Town, Many Temples

Balasore One Town Many Temple
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Balasore district of Odisha is a place abundant in scenic beauty and thus a major tourist attraction. It is lined up with various historical monuments. The major tourist spots of Balasore are –

  1. Langaleswar – This place is famous for its beautiful location and mythology. It was here that Lord Shiva would plough the paddy field. Hundreds of pilgrims gather at Langaleswar to worship the Lord after whom the place had been named. The place is well known for Saivasim. The temple’s location by the river Paravati creates a picturesque beauty which becomes another reason for the place’s popularity with tourists.
  1. Khirachora Gopinath – Best known for Khirachora, the Gopinath temple in Remuna has been the home of Vaishnawite culture since ages. The teacher of Chaitanya, Madhabendra Puri and the teacher himself would often visit Remuna after offering prayers to Khirachora Gopinath. Hundreds of devotees now gather over here daily for the darshan of the Lord. The distinct Prasad of the temple is specially prepared milk. Remuna is a part within Brindavan in Orissa.
  1. Baleswar – The temple named Baleswar is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is commonly also known as Baleswar. Another two temples are situated in the Baleswar compound. One is dedicated to Lord Ratneswar while other is dedicated to Champawati Durga. Both temples are built on architecture native to South India with splendid stone carvings. There is a fresh water resource called Naula which has now dried up. During Mahashivaratri, a colorful fair is held in the compound of the Baleswar Temple.
  1. Chandaneswar – 6 kms from the West of Digha is located the town of Chandaneswar, famous for its Shiva Temple. During the month of Chaitra (which is the last month in the Bengali calendar), a grand annual fair is held here. Devotees from all across the country, most especially from Orissa, Bihar and Bengal attend this fair.

There are a lot of bus and rickshaw services available from Digha to Chandaneswar during this occasion. Apart from this, Howrah-Balasore, Digha-Baripada and Calcutta-Chandaneswar buses run to and from the town. Chandaneswar is situated 90 km from Balasore and is known for the Chandaneswar Temple. It is considered very sacred among devotees, especially the locals. If you are not interested in visiting the temple, just 4km from Chandaneswar is the Talasari beach, beautifully surrounded by casuarina trees.

  1. Kasaphal – This beautiful place is located in the Balasore district, about 20 km from Balasore city. It is quite a versatile place with tranquil lonely beaches and fishing jetties naming the famous Bahabalpur port and the Casuarina trees nearby. The place has a great potential of developing as a major tourist sport if only modern facilities such as boating and transport facilities can be provided by the state government.
  1. Chandipur – This destination is quite popular with frequent travelers. The beaches are so beautiful they have become a global attraction. The Chandipur beach is naturally blessed with its own distinct features, which make it stand out among the other beaches of India.

Balasore is well-connected to all major destinations by rail. The food in train station is an added benefit for travelers.

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