Benefits Of Using Galantamine

Benefits Of Galantamine
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Galantamine is a botanical acetycholinesteraseinhibitor (AChEl) that has been in use in the medical treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and various other memory loss issues of vascular origin, such as myopathy, sensory and motor impairments. This is an alkaloid substance by nature is drawn  from the flowers of Galantus Caucasiu,Lycoris Radiata,Galantus Woronowii etc.galantamine is legal in the UK and US. It helps in increasing the level of neurotransmitter in your brain by preventing certain enzymes from disintegrating the molecules of acetylcholine prematurely. The concentration of acetylcholine increases in specific parts of the brain. It is sold in the market in form of a white powder. It is highly absorbable and fit for oral consumption. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the benefits you can reap from the use of galantamine:

Long-term effects on cognition

The AChEl present in galantamine has exhibited great promises in modulating the nicotinic has a significant role to play in operating the key receptors of the brain. Nicotinic cholinergic receptors are the primary receptors of acetylcholine,therefore the release of acetylcholine increases with the modulation of this key receptor on cholinergic neurons. This particular action is found to provide relief from the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. In this disease, the gradual degradation of the receptors promotes the drug tolerance with other types of AChEl. According to a recent international study, focused on the effects of galantamine on the cognitive function of Alzheimer’s patients, showed that people who received galantamine treatment experienced lessened deterioration in the cognitive function. The evaluation was done in terms of Mini-Mental State Examination or MMSE. Patients who discontinued the treatment experienced subsequent degeneration of cognitive power at a rate of what is conjectured for untreated patients.

Benefits on vascular dementia

Vascular dementia is one of the most common types of memory impairment worldwide. The acetycholinesterase inhibitors and nicotinic receptor or allosteric nicotinic modulators have been suggested to reserve the property to reduce the mild to moderate symptoms of vascular dementia caused by cerebrovasculardisease (CVD) or AD. The object of this study was to evaluate the effect of 24 mg/day dose of galantamine on patients with long-term AD or CVD. The primary change was noticed in the cognitive function. Along with that, the changes in functional abilities, safety and behavior were also monitored. It was proved that a recommended dose of galantamine can produce sustained benefits after 12 months of treatment.

Legal status in the United Kingdom

The purchase of galantamine is legal in the UKEarlier, galantamine herb was available as a dietary supplement in UK both on prescription and non-prescription. Today, customers don’t need to show any prescription to the apothecary to buy this dietary supplement. It is sold in U.K under various brand names. Forbrands which use galantamine for the specific purpose of treating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and improving cognitive function, you do require a prescription. The main difference between these prescribed nootropics and dietary supplements is that the former has been synthesized several times. The price is also much higher for the synthesized drug. It is best to purchase dietary supplement from a trusted online retailer than any store.

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